Ciatech is Brazil’s biggest digital corporate education company and is part of
Grupo UOL Educação, the country’s biggest Educational Technology group.

Who We Are

As a reference in the corporate education industry, our company develops digital learning experiences with modern educational methodology and cutting-edge technology. Through education and technology, we train thinking professionals, able to work on complex, changing environments, oriented to problem-solving.

Through Educational Technology, we help building the future of corporate education.


2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017


Online training provider for 2016 Olympics (platform and content)


Award – The world’s best corporate university – Banco do Brasil Case


Online training provider for 2014 World Cup (platform and content)


Present at the most important companies in Brazil

What We Do

We work from the solution design and digital learning experiences to the result deployment and consolidation. We search for engagement and promote the quick skill application, decreasing the employees’ learning curve.

Meet our solutions:


Our team uses proprietary, modern methodology, combined with our 20-year experience in project development for companies. Every corporate education project is unique.

Educational Management

In every program step, we use consistent methods for result measuring. Evidences and indexes able to prove the practical action’s impact speak for themselves.

Learning Platform – LMS and Mobile

LMS Atena Platform: a digital environment to learn in a social, flexible, friendly way, with your company’s style. The platform is designed from the protagonist student’s proposition, in which people learn more and better when they control the learning process.
Atena Mobile (app): Mobility is providing access to learning environments and experiences in mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. So the professional can choose when, where and how one wants to learn.

Tailor-Made Courses

Your company’s program and specific contents provided in the digital format you wish, in order to create learning experiences that make sense to the professionals. There are various technologies to develop these experiences and their contents: game quiz, video and now, the VR, which provides immersion able to generate user excitement and engagement by the closeness with the real world.

Course Listing

Training in essential skills and competences, available in video classes and online multimedia courses created by the most important specialists in the industry, with immediate deployment.

And more:

  • Corporate University
  • Games and educational games
  • Multimedia educational solutions
  • Social and collaborative learning experiences
  • Interactive videos
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Projects
  • Courses with accessibility for visually and hearing-impaired people
  • Integration and Onboarding Programs
  • Engagement and Culture Programs
  • Leadership Programs
  • First Management Programs
  • Sales Force Programs
  • Programs for Young Interns and Trainees
  • English Courses

What’s your challenge?

We believe that, for a real partnership, we need to help you solve your challenge.

Contact us and talk to one of our specialists.